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GotUrSix means Got your Back.  And we have their back.  GotUrSix TV is a Media platform dedicated to the Military, Veteran and Military Spouse community.  GotUrSix TV interviews Veteran and Military Spouse Influencers and Entrepreneurs, Veteran Executives with Fortune 500 companies. We also talk to Military/Veteran policy issues with Executives on the Hill, at Federal and State Agencies and with Veteran Service Organizations.

Our guests share their personal journeys in uniform, share lessons learned transitioning from service and promote what they are doing in their 2nd career. GotUrSix TV has a popular segment, called "The Big Idea" where they share a personal challenge they have faced in their career and if they had the “Con” what they would do to fix it for active duty, Veterans, Military Spouses, Reservists and their families.  We are sharing those segments with Government Executives with the objective to effect positive change for the community.


Why Sponsor?

GotUrSix TV is where the Influencers go.  We are quickly becoming a trusted brand in the Military and Veteran Community.   We have produced more than 40 hours of original programming, providing great value to Human Resource / Recruiting Executives and Corporate Marketing Professionals.  We are producing more than eight hours of new content each month and growing. 

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