GotUrSix TV Episode #60: Interview with Cameron Smith


Marine Infantryman and Video Producer takes you with him as he Hunts IEDs in Afghanistan. Cameron Smith, Millennial and Director of Video Content for Zero Hour Media shares his version of Spielberg Video Production for any business looking to expand their brand in today’s Digital Age: Brainstorming, Scripting/Written Form, StoryBoard/Framing, Scout the Scene, Shoot Day (lighting, talent, etc..) and Editing…one of the most important components of Video Production. He shares his insights for fighting Perfection Paralysis..every great artist faces this dilemma; when to put the paint brush down.

And a fun segment where Cameron answers the challenge every Digital Video Director faces today: To Puppy or Not to Puppy.

Cameron’s GotUrSix TV’s Big Idea: Have the DOD include specific veteran-centric courses that are mandatory for graduating veterans, ie personal financing, relationship planning, working with team members in the commercial world, etc..

Keith Trippiemilitary, veteran