GotUrSix TV Episode #62: Interview with Sam Lark


Military Spouse wants Veterans and Military Spouses to use Social Media to create Career Security. Sam Larks Jr, who has Linkedin posts with more than 200K views, shares his unique insights into using social media to showcase your value, highlight your personality and character. Make sure and check out his suggestion: 30 Days of Social – a great guide to using social media to build your personal brand. Sam has audacious goals: Speak in every Continent, Become a Best Seller and develop an accredited social media course for High School students. 

Sam’s GotUrSix TV’s Big Idea: Have TAP and VSO’s implement his “Social Media as a way to ensure Career Security” Approach.

If you are transitioning, a Veteran or Military Spouse and looking to change your career status, this is a must listen.